SYNTHR Protocol

Problems with Traditional Markets

At SYNTHR, we believe in trustless accessibility to financial assets on a global scale. Today’s lack of global accessibility creates a problem for investors who otherwise cannot invest in equities due to their geographical limitations. Furthermore, traders are required to go through lengthy KYC disclosures and comply with investor accreditation laws that prohibit many investment vehicles; for instance, to access fractional ownership in traditional trading, clients are required to be accredited and pay a high fee. Atop all of this, large institutional players continue to trump the retail masses through unfair and exclusive access to alternative trading systems such as dark pools, which are cheaper trading alternatives to retail markets, all while keeping their trades hidden from the public.
SYNTHR will enable traders to trade any syAsset 24/7 with the aim of disrupting centralized intermediaries that hinder the retail trader’s trading experience due to inefficient payment flows, order books, and custodianship.