SYNTHR Protocol

Accessing American Markets

The USA has seen a tremendous rise in the participation of households in the stock markets. What began as a new trend in the early 2000s now accounts for roughly 70% of total market capitalization, spread across direct investment, mutual funds, pension funds, and ETFs. This increased retail participation has single- handedly been responsible for ushering in a new era of financial freedom for the masses.
However, American markets are restricted to developed economies. Dozens of developing regions such as Asia and Africa, together with a total population of 5.7 billion, find it tremendously hard to access these markets due to several barriers to entry in the form of inefficient intermediaries, high transaction costs, and archaic KYC mechanisms. At SYNTHR, we believe in democratizing access to financial markets and instruments, which were previously accessible to only a fraction of the world’s population. SYNTHR’s truly borderless platform will enable users from developing economies to gain exposure to the American stock markets and play a pivotal role in onboarding the next 1 billion users onto DeFi.