SYNTHR Protocol

Permissionless Listing of syAssets

In the initial stages, assets will be whitelisted by the team. These assets may include cryptos, stocks, and commodities to begin with. As SYNTHR matures, the intention is to make the entire protocol decentralized and let the DAO manage the listing of assets.
The birth of the SYNTHR DAO will lead to the permissionless listing of syAssets, which means the DAO can then vote for different asset classes like equities, fixed income, FX, etc. to be added. Prior to starting a poll, users will be able to discuss potential proposals on the SYNTHR forum page. Once a majority of the community agrees on a proposal, users holding veSYNTH will be given the opportunity to submit and vote on SIPs (SYNTHR Improvement Proposals). Such SIPs can be used to propose new syAssets to be added to the ecosystem. In most cases, the available voting options will either be Yes, No, or Abstain.
For an SIP to be approved, a majority of the votes must be Yes, and a quorum threshold of 30% must be reached. Once the quorum threshold has been met, SYNTHR developers will coordinate with oracleservice providers to establish the necessary infrastructure to add the newly approved syAssets to the platform. The core team will then mint a new contract to create a token address that represents the syAsset(s) approved by the DAO.
Incentive programs pertaining to the listing of new syAssets will also be considered.