SYNTHR Protocol

Options and Strategies

SYNTHR has been designed with the vision of having an options market built on top of syAssets, thereby allowing users to hedge themselves against anomalous market movements. While several DeFi protocols have made significant strides in pricing options on-chain, there is still a lack of a holistic platform that allows users to design and implement complex option strategies.
Given that DAOs and users are forced to liquidate their treasury and investments in times of tough market conditions or when threatened with insolvency, powerful option strategies as hedging tools have become the need of the hour.
Since the options marketplace will be built on top of SYNTHR’s core infrastructure, users will be able to buy and sell options along with buying and selling syAssets from the same interface, giving them the flexibility to create and deploy even the most sophisticated options trading strategies.
Users will be able to implement any one of the pre-set strategies or create their own:
Table 1: Pre-set option strategies available on SYNTHR.