SYNTHR Protocol

Atomic Swaps

SYNTHR will allow users to initiate and execute Atomic Swaps. This will be done by using SynthSwap’s Atomic Swap implementation with DEX aggregators on each chain to reduce gas fees and slippage as much as possible. For example, let’s consider that user A wants to swap ETH for FTM. The swap will be initiated on a DEX aggregator, which will swap ETH for syETH on a DEX. The syETH will be swapped for syFTM via SynthSwap in a low-fee, zero-slippage environment. To finish the transaction, the syFTM will be routed through a DEX aggregator, where it will be swapped for FTM and sent to the user.
Due to SYNTHR’s LP incentives, DEXs will have high liquidity for syAsset/Asset pairs. The protocol will incentivize users to fund popular pairs with high transaction volumes on partner DEXs.